The role of data in the logistics of the 21st century

May 25, 2023

Data has become a fundamental element in the logistics of this century as it provides the information necessary to ensure that operations are efficient, sustainable and significantly reduce their costs.

The logistics operation is about an interaction between various users with specific business needs, who face various factors or emerging restrictions of a different nature, such as: Geographic, regulatory, demographic, social or infrastructure.

Good planning and development of a good quality, efficient and safe transport system, which contribute not only to social development but also to electronic development, requires behavioral study, detecting patterns or opportunities for improvement.

The use of data helps improve efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainability throughout the supply chain. Likewise, in order to extract the benefits of the data, collaborative work is needed between those who produce it and those who have and/or analyze it, with the purpose of adding value and that these data can facilitate decision-making among the different actors. .