Terms and conditions


We recommend reading these terms and conditions carefully.
They will be applied and understood to be incorporated into all purchases and services that you contract with TRANCITI, through the marketing systems included in the website. These contracts, the use of the website and the application of these Terms and Conditions will be subject to Chilean law. Consequently, you will enjoy the rights recognized by Chilean law and those granted in these terms and conditions.
This is a secure site, it is encrypted information, using security standards. All promotional or advertising communication sent electronically from this site will indicate the subject to which it refers, our identity as sender and a valid address to which the recipient can request the suspension of shipments, which will be interrupted from then on.
TRANCITI will only request personal data through forms provided exclusively by the company, through any of its platforms.


Our priority is to offer you the products and services that meet your needs. Therefore, by accepting this document, in accordance with article 4 of Law No. 19,628, you expressly authorize us to process your personal data that you provide us when purchasing our products or services.
You authorize us to communicate, transmit and provide your personal data to our related companies, and to receive information from them.
In addition, you authorize us to contact you by digital and/or telephone means, through TRANCITI, its related companies or its suppliers, to send you information related to the purposes indicated: i) promote and offer you new products and services or new modalities or characteristics of the products and services that are already available to you; ii) automatically complete the documents associated with the transactions and services used or contracted or that you acquire or contract with TRANCITI or its related companies in the future; iii) agree to process and treat your information, in order to adjust the offer of products and services to your customer profile, or to carry out analysis, reports and evaluations in this regard; iv) develop commercial actions or post-sale services, of a general nature or personalized to you, aimed at improving your experience as a customer; and v) investigate the purchasing behavior of customers, and thereby carry out market studies, business intelligence, customer traceability, among other studies dedicated exclusively to market analysis. As you will see, the data requested and collected may only be used for the specific, explicit and lawful purposes that we are informing you of and that you expressly authorize.
Consequently, the data requested, for its effective treatment, are adequate, pertinent and strictly necessary for said purpose, they will never be used for purposes other than those indicated, and in no case are you obliged to provide them to us, for which your authorization to This document is a manifestation of consent to use them for the purposes and services we offer.
In turn, if you accept these terms and conditions, you are obliged to provide true, exact, complete and updated data. TRANCITI is not responsible for direct or indirect damages or losses generated by the use of false, inaccurate, incomplete or outdated data.- Likewise, it is your responsibility as a client to keep an updated email for such purposes and inform of any change or modification.-
In the event that the data processing is going to be carried out by companies that provide services to TRANCITI or its related companies, said companies that provide services must assume confidentiality commitments and adopt measures that ensure due compliance with the obligations of the Law for the Protection of Data. Data, responding to any damage or harm caused by the improper use of information.
Consequently, if TRANCITI, during data processing, becomes aware of an incorrect use of data, through the control of security measures, by its workers, service provider and/or related companies, it will report said situation to the brevity to the data provider.-
At any time you can revoke your authorization, and you will always have the rights of clarification, rectification, cancellation and opposition, and all other rights conferred by Law No. 19,628 on Protection of Private Life. To exercise these rights you must send an email to info@tranciti.com
In the same way, you can always request the suspension of promotional or advertising communications, in accordance with the provisions of article 28 B of Law No. 19,496 on the Protection of Consumer Rights.


In order to facilitate the sending of any presentation, query or claim regarding the use of this site or the transactions carried out on it, and without prejudice to the powers of its other managers and representatives, TRANCITI appoints GONZALO FUENZALIDA, COMMERCIAL manager, as its special representative. of TRANCITI, available at the email INFO@TRANCITI.COM, Santiago, Republic of Chile. Its legal capacity to act on behalf of TRANSITI is recorded in a public deed dated OCTOBER 15, 2013, granted before the Notary Public of EDUARDO AVELLO CONCHA