About us

Who we are

Tranciti is a partner that offers comprehensive SAAS solutions focused on digitalizing logistic processes in order to make them simpler, optimal and with measurable results. In the market, it represents a real solution for reducing operational costs and improving people’s quality of life by promoting the efficient use of fleets, contributing to business awareness and responsibility. Our platforms are of rapid and continuous development and can easily adapt to any industry thanks to their diverse features. Platforms can be basic (LITE) or complex (PRO) depending on the spatial needs of customers.


  • Sustainability/ Impact on the carbon footprint
  • Smart Data:
    • COO
    • SL (Service Level)
    • Security
    • IoT
  • To improve the quality of life of people in the logistics world


  • To accompany our customers
  • To be a partner that offers its clients valuable logistic data
  • Logistic data partner of Smart transport


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